What can I do to abate the covering odor of my bag?
This acknowledgment is alone accordant for “Leather Novas” Bags: The accoutrements are bistered alone application vegetable based solutions and oil dyed. The odor is a affection of this tanning and dying process

What is the white actuality in my bag?
In actual attenuate cases, it is accessible to see baby white marks on our products. This is not aged marks, rather a appropriate blazon of oil acclimated by us back authoritative the bag. These marks action because the bag can re-grease. We acclaim that the bag should be bashed with sunflower oil. This allows the covering to re-absorb the grease added easily.

What can I do to booty affliction of my bag?
This acknowledgment is alone accordant for “Leather Novas” accustomed bags: Affair is abundant for demography affliction of your covering bag. Alternatively, sunflower oil can additionally be used. Be accurate to administer these fats analogously and acclaim to the leather. We admonish testing aboriginal on an camouflaged allotment of the bag, as such analysis may becloud the leather.

How can I assure my bag from rain?
Rainwater usually does not affect the attending or affection of leather. Anniversary bag is bashed afore delivery, giving it the best accessible baptize aggressive protection.