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Exceptional Orthopedic Women Belvedere Walking Sandals

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Make an effortless appearance account with this different women's sandal.

Simply put, these exceptional orthopedic sandals are a abundant best that's aloof right. They are attractive appearance sandals with orthopedic features, giving you the best of both worlds. Women in all stages of activity can abrasion these sandals after defective a break-in period, alike if they accept arthritis or bottom problems. You can apprehend to adore these shoes for abounding years to come.

    Reminiscent of the appearance of age-old times, these classical sandals affection a covered heel adverse with admirable board catch detailing, authoritative them absolute for weddings, parties, and added appropriate occasions.

    These women’s walking sandals are a aggregate of upper, lining, insole, and outsole of PU covering and EVA to advance your abundance level. Our high-quality footbed could abate the burden on your anxiety for abiding and abiding support.

    The high actual is fabricated from PU covering and the lining is additionally fabricated from PU covering so it's adequate adjoin the bark alike if you're cutting these sandals barefoot! 

    The insoles are fabricated from EVA material, which will cast to fit the appearance and admeasurement of your bottom and will accumulate its appearance alike afterwards assorted uses.

    The bendable insole is absorptive to accommodate added abundance while still befitting it failing abundant to not accomplish your anxiety feel too abundant back you abrasion them.

    The elastic sole provides acceptable traction, you will feel abundant added adequate while walking on a array of terrains.

    These orthopedic shoes accept an open-side attract architecture which allows for accessible admission back putting them on or demography them off—no added disturbing with straps! 

    The catch band cease provides security, while the aback band keeps your bottom in abode after akin movement.

    The aback adverse blazon is a backstrap which agency there's no charge for any laces or buckles aloof slip-on appearance abundance all day long!

    These exceptional orthopedic sandals additionally affection a mid-level block heel that provides abutment and acme after authoritative them too difficult to airing in. 

    With a breathable architecture that keeps your anxiety air-conditioned and a adjustable fit that accommodates about any bottom shape, these sandals are absolute for bodies of all ages who appetite to accomplish abiding they get the best out of their footwear.